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Fullest security
Your files and downloads are completely secured by our state of art encrypted system. Never worry about data safety again.

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Enjoy supersonic downloads from our cutting edge storage cloud. Plus, you can use download accelerators for even better experience.

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Free account users have their download speed limited at 50 kb/s. On top of that, they can't download files using a file manager or use the service's download features such as parallel downloads or resume interrupted downloads.

To unlock better features users need to subscribe to one of the two paid accounts, Premium and Premium Pro.

Premium plans starts at $6.95 / 3 days, $16.95 / 30 days, $13.98 / month for 90 days and $9.50 / month for 365 days. The Premium account comes with 50 GB of storage and allows ad-free downloads of up to 20 GB per day.

For more space and features, there’s Premium Pro that starts with $8.95 / 3 days, $21.95 / 30 days, $17.32/m for 90 days and $11.75/m for 365 days. In return you get 60 GB of storage space and a 50 GB worth of ad-free downloads per day. Furthermore, in addition to all the features of the Premium account, you also get to use the services of a virus checker and the ability to download files anonymously.